Coffee-shops and Clo-Clo Pops.

Chloe-Sue Mango. 22. Taken. British. Portrait Artist and Painter. Flannel shirts. Coffee dates. Taxidermy. Log Cabins. Woodland Critters. Aesthetically Pleasing Women. Neo-Traditional tattoo art.

5hrs into an A4 acrylic painting of the gorgeous @elliefolkard (Face closeup with thumb for size comparison)

Jeck spoils his Pop!!

Chills with this lady-killer after the most amazing traditional breakfast and coffee out. Luckiest girl! Right here!!

Off out for breakfast with the most gorgeous man in the world!!

My bad boy bitch!!!

Off to see the ginger bitch @rinokumara94

Coffee date and bleach party with @rinokumara94

Makeup on lock!!

Plaid on plaid before I don ny Pets at Home uniform for another week. I can’t wait til I can afford to do something on my days off.

My only wish is to be as kawaii as @worbzz #teddybunsaresexy

Sweet shops with bekbek!!!

Shoe love @bekahselisko

Date with @bekahselisko

Ankle socks are love!!

Sparkly eyed kitty-cat work in progress!!

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