Coffee-shops and Clo-Clo Pops.

Chloe-Sue Mango. 22. Taken. British. Portrait Artist and Painter. Flannel shirts. Coffee dates. Taxidermy. Log Cabins. Woodland Critters. Aesthetically Pleasing Women. Neo-Traditional tattoo art.


Here’s another collection shot from one of my clients. All 16 mm plugs in the best materials. The giveaway is still going on for a couple more days on Facebook. Join the jewelry porn group and tag #HOSporn with your gear to participate.


Okay, so I’ve taken about a month off but I am now back in the shop working on a long list of custom orders. A lot of fun things happening right now and I’ll be filling you all in over the coming weeks. A reminder, if you’re interested in the #forgottenboneyard #art #contest you have less than two weeks to send in your entries, I would love to see more. Scroll back through my posts for the rules on that. #roguearticulation

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