Coffee-shops and Clo-Clo Pops.

Chloe-Sue Mango. 22. Taken. British. Portrait Artist and Painter. Flannel shirts. Coffee dates. Taxidermy. Log Cabins. Woodland Critters. Aesthetically Pleasing Women. Neo-Traditional tattoo art.

Today’s makeup game is on lock!!!

Gots my hair in dem pigtail braids! Am I Kawaii enough for you Bitches yet! @rinokumara94 @worbzz

Coffee Shop Selfie Hour!

Bringing back the bun appreciation committee. Come at me @rinokumara94


Greebo Saturday!!

Autumn pop in Wooly beanie!!!

Bun day wooooo

I miss coffee dates. I used to get pretty and go out. Then adult life smacked me in the gob and yelled “NO”

Throw back to when I looked like a comic character and @amyyfire used to take photos of my body!! #tbt #throwbackthursday #noregrets #amyyfirecreates

I loves my snuggle-bug Jeck-jeck!!!!

Think I’m ready to digitally clean up and have transferred onto couple mugs for me and my man!! I might might even redraw the design and make into A3 paintings aswell!!

Pale denim and Brown leather.

Wooooo face!

Forever doing the coffee with this beautiful mocha man!!

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